Send your short-films in digital version before July 31th, 2018

a. The short-film must be made in an african or arab country;
b. All subjects and cinema genres are admitted provided that short-films do not require audience restriction;
c. The maximum duration of the short-film is 30 minutes, including credits;
d. The short film must be sent in digital format, in AVI, MOV or MPEG 4 (H264) video format and using only ne of these 3 means:
– WeTransfer on (files smaller than 2Go)
– Viméo on
– Google Drive (files bigger than 2Go ans smaller than 10Go)
e. Short-films in a foreign language must be subtitled in Arabic;
f. The Kef’s shorts festival is open to all short-films made after January 1st, 2016;