Located at 175 km west of Tunis and 40 km east of the Algerian border, the city of El Kef has been considered since Antique times as the main city of superior ‘Tell’, of the Northwestern part of Tunisia and of a large part of the Algerian East.

Built at a height of 735 meters above the sea, the city of Kef is known for its culture, its arts, its gastronomy, its craft as well as for its multiple archeological sites, attesting a particularly rich History.


Across Africa, hundreds, or even thousands of short movies are produced every year.

However, despite this high production rate, very few theatres in Africa adhere to the broadcasting of short movies front-sessions. Indeed, film festivals entirely dedicated to short films are becoming scarce, a situation which strongly contradicts the high flow of production.


In 2016, during the first edition of the FCKEF, 63 Tunisian short films participated to this festival and were broadcasted across El Kef city and neighboring villages. 8 of these 63 were selected for the official competition .

For its second edition, held in 2017, the festival became international, with the participation of 46 short films from North African countries and Egypt. 20 of these movies have been selected for the official competition .

In 2018, the FCKEF wants to become an African festival. Indeed, the call for movie’s registration has been opened to all African producers, and will remain open until July 15th.


The aim from this year’s festival is to:

  • Create a shop window to broadcast African short films while developing the creativity and the critical mind.
  • Offer a setting which promotes exchanges and the collaboration between cinema lovers in Africa.
  • Realize original works within the workshops proposed by the Festival.
  • Use the city of El Kef as a pilot project to enhance the access to film culture in ‘disadvantaged’ geographical areas, and set up ‘best practices’ to be followed by other cities were the access to culture is limited.
  • Animate the City of El Kef with various forms of entertainments (music, dance, theater, street entertainments, exposures), which will positively contribute to the economic dynamic of the city.


The Festival has as mission to help emerging talents from across Africa, allowing them to grow internationally, as well as to offer exclusive events and unique shows in Tunisia, in “cultural shadow areas “, thus focusing on the satisfaction of the populations needs in the region.

The FCKEF also has for ambition to establish a regional film market (North Africa).


The originality of FCKEF during its two first editions was to dedicate an important part of its cultural activities to the children of disadvantaged areas in the neighborhood of El Kef, were access to culture remains very limited.

This year also, FCKEF wants to make the young people of the region discover Africa!

Thus, street shows, artistic expression workshops, meetings with movie stars and the original short films creation workshop of will be for the program this year with the cooperation of the participating artists (see tentative program for details).